We Specialize in Auto Repair & Diagnostics

Welcome to Liberti's Auto Electric in Milpitas, CA

A few more of our specialties
  • Brake Repair

  • Acting as the first line of defense between you and the road, properly maintained brakes are essential to a safe drive. We perform a wide range of Brake Repairs and are also a certified Brake Adjusting Station. We'll have your car braking like new!
  • Auto Electric Service

  • With each passing year, new vehicles include an ever-increasing number of electronic components. At Liberti's Auto Electric in Milpitas, we can perform just about any Auto Electric Service.
  • Transmission Repair

  • No matter what your transmission repair needs, you can have complete confidence in our experienced technicians to recommend the right Transmission Repair or service for the right price.
  • Auto Diagnostics

  • We hire technicians who understand the root causes of your auto issues, making quality and efficiency a priority. Using the latest in Auto Diagnostics tools and technology, we’ll solve the problem right the first time.

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Locally Owned and Operated

Since 1971 we have strived to provide service with courtesy and professionalism to every customer we encounter.

Not Your Average Mechanics

We employ highy specialized automotive technicains who care deeply about supplying dependable, quality work for a fair price.

Domestic Repair Specialization

We maintain a dealership-level OBD code reader for Ford and Chevy. We’re not lying when we say we can fix anything the dealer can.

Customer Reviews
Rita H. on 10/11/2018:
"Great service and excellent prices. The car is finished when they say it will be not like the dealers."
5 star rating

Mylah V. on 4/10/2017:
"quick service, friendly and helpful workers"
5 star rating

Giovanni C. from Los Altos, whose Volkswagon was in for an auto repair service, on 1/12/2017:
"Honest. Excellent technical expertise. A great place to take your classic or new car for service."
5 star rating

Paul R. on 12/6/2016:
"Best shop I have been to in quality service and in customer courtesy and service"
5 star rating

Kyle U. on 10/11/2016:
"I would tell them it is the most honest and trust worthy place to have work preformed. Quality work and genuine customer service"
5 star rating

Liberti's Auto Electric
1476 S. Main Street
Milpitas, CA 95035
Contact Information
Phone: 408-263-3339
Our Partnerships
Makes We Repair
  • Acura Repair
  • Audi Repair
  • BMW Repair
  • Cadillac Repair
  • Chrysler Repair
  • Dodge Repair
  • Ford Repair
  • GMC Repair
  • Honda Repair
  • Hyundai Repair
  • Jeep Repair
  • Kia Repair
  • Lexus Repair
  • Mercedes-Benz Repair
  • Mitsubishi Repair
  • Nissan Repair
  • Opel Repair
  • Plymouth Repair
  • Pontiac Repair
  • Porsche Repair
  • Saturn Repair
  • Scion Repair
  • Smart Repair
  • Subaru Repair
  • Suzuki Repair
  • Toyota Repair
  • Volkswagen Repair
  • Yamaha Repair
Our Specialties